Popular Line Dance Music Is Everywhere!

Popular line dance music isn’t just for Texans. Go to many nightclubs or your cousin’s wedding, and you will see folks lining up to dance to old favorites like Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Braky Heart” or a Garth Brook’s tune like “Friends in Low Places,” along with “The Electic Slide” and even “The Chicken Dance”.
Line dancing is a favorite activity all across the world. You might be in New York City, shopping at your local market when all of a sudden a tune will come on and you wish that the other shoppers would join on you to “Do the Hustle”.
Popular line dance music is a favorite at social occasions, as those who came solo without a partner can join in on the fun. From hip hop to just plain wacky tunes like “The Macarena”, popular line dance music is just plain fun to dance to for people of all ages.