Great Websites for Kids

Time for Kids

This website has current events and news designed for inquisitive children. This is one of the best places where kids can stay informed. The news is written in a way that is easy for children to understand.


A Might Girl

This site has a number of things to inspire young ladies. There are inspirational books, toys and movies that have been designed to empower girls. This site was created by two women that wanted to be able to find the perfect gifts for their nieces. This site has everything that is girl power.


BBC Kids

This site is popular all over Canada. The site has a number of TV shows, games, and other  programming from Canada. This site teaches basic social lessons as well through popular characters.



There are a number of entertaining and educational animated videos to help support the curriculum that is being taught in school. There are programs from those in kindergarten to twelfth grade. There is even Brain Pop Jr. for those in kindergarten to third grade. There are some free features and other will require a subscription.



This site allows children to build thing with virtual Legos. The child can explore a number of different things and get a feel for how different shapes fit together.


Canadian Geographic Kids

This site will teach a child everything they need to know about Canada. There are also a number of educational games including videos, articles, atlases, and a number of other fun activities.


CBC Kids

There are a number of games and videos with all of the CBC Kids characters. There is quality programming that is educational as well.



This site has all of the current events written in ways that are easy for children to understand. This is great for homework help as well.

This site has virtual sketchpads for children that love art. They have hard their drawings published on the site or share them on social media sites. There is even an app that is compatible with the iPad and the IPhone.


There are themes for those that want to teach their children to be environmentally friendly. This site works with the same curriculum as schools and will help a child learn about the environment.



This is a great site for parents and kids to play on together. Older kids will enjoy looking through the recipes, craft ideas, science experiments, games, magic tricks, and trivia.



This site is great for children that are looking to gain information. There is plenty of information to be found on their site. This site is not specifically designed for children by many older kids will love it.



This is a great site for children that love to read. There are a number of views of children’s books, articles, information about authors, and even contests for children. This is great for those that enjoy reading.