Here’s Why You Should Take a Mommy Day Off

A day to yourself is something you may feel that you will never have again once you become a mother. There is always something that you feel you should be doing instead for the good of your family. You may feel guilty about leaving your family behind while you spend your time by yourself but this is often combined with feelings that you deserve a bit of downtime. It is only natural to feel conflicted about this, but a break can do you the world of good and is not anything that you need to feel guilty about.


Most moms know that they need some time for themselves every now and again, but there are always reasons why they feel as if they can’t take this time. Working moms may think that they already spend too much time away from their family as it is. You may also worry what would happen to the running of the household if you are not there to make sure things are running smoothly. Single parents may have the logistical problem of finding someone to watch the children.


Even if you feel that you really cannot take a whole day away from your family, there are some ways that you can find a few hours where you are free to do exactly what you want to do. If you are running errands then you could go for a coffee first before you get started. You could also stop off at a friends house when you are out walking the dog. You may also be able to schedule a few hours off work and if you don’t tell your family that you have this time, then you will be able to spend it as you wish.


If you find yourself taking any opportunity to get a few minutes alone then this is probably a sign that you need a break. This could be anything from trying to stretch out a doctor’s appointment longer than what is necessary, or just spending a few more minutes in the car when you pull up on the driveway. A break away from your children and family life can help you appreciate them more, as you will have much needed time to step back and reflect on how lucky you are. It is also good for your mental health to have a bit of time to yourself and focus on your own needs.

Many moms feel that even when they are having some time to themselves, they still need to check in and make sure the kids are ok. This is something that should be avoided as your partner may feel that you don’t trust them to be in charge of your children. If you think that you won’t be able to resist checking in then leave your phone at home, or choose an activity that will make it hard for you to send any messages such as having your nails done. If you are meeting a friend that is in the same position as you, confiscate each others phones.